The company began manufacturing steel structures from 1995. The increased market relations and quality requirements demanded the technical development of the plant. At the moment 120 workers are employed at two sites. 

The company has a growing capacity due to its dynamic professional development. The production tools are at the appropriate level
of the age which allows the widening of scope of activities. In the meantime acquired certifications and the satisfaction of the Western European partners indicates the effectiveness of the investment. 1000 tons of steel materials have been processed annually.

18 years of manufacturing

Our produced equipments have been installed in the most diverse parts of the world during 18 years of manufacturing. Among our reference works there are differently designed equipments and structures.

Cement and other ore processing equipments, wind classifiers, cyclones. Cold rolling mill appliances, oil regenerating and pumping tanks, smoke gas cleaning tanks. Mining machinery and equipment units. Bridges, associated formwork and expansion 
elements. Generator houses, cabinets and heat exchangers of wind turbines and as well as cruise ship ash containers.

Quality management

Since 1998 the ISO-9002:1994 quality management standard has been used.

Our price offers and customers’ requests have been worked out according to the quality policy mentioned above.
Since 2003 the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 has been launched.

Locksmith activities are carried out only in closed halls, in the following share

650 m2 hall with one 3 tons and one 5 tons hall crane.

750 m2 hall with 5 tons or 10 tons hall cranes to ease the assembly and handling.

250 m2 hall in which moving of raw materials and finished products are done by a 5 tons overhead crane, shaped board cutting are being worked out with flame and plasma cutting.

The surface preparation of raw materials and finished products are performed in the 200 m2 sand blasting hall.

The preservation necessary for transporting is carried out in the 320 m2 hall where the 2 tons hall crane allows moving and
turning of the equipment.

Test installations of extreme-scale structures are carried out on site on a 2000 m2 concrete surface.

The surface preparation carried out by manual free jet blasting equipment which means a standard SA1, and SA 2.5 surface quality.

Design documentation

Our products are ensured based on the design documentation provided by the customer, and are being undertaken on deadline to the transport vehicle with the most appropriate way of packaging. Includes the following production technologies:

• cutting
• cold forming machining
• mechanical (cutting) working
• welding
• cold and warm straightening